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  • $63.00

This 1 second dry time is for anyone who can keep up with their hands. Perfection with all things lashes including Easy Fans and Promades. This is such a smooth adhesive that’s so easy to work with it literally melts in place. This is a light pink adhesive that dries clear. This is an amazing sensitive adhesive but has the same exact retention as if it contains carbon black.

  • Low Fumes

  • 1 Second dry time

  • Thin Viscosity 

  • Multi-use for all type of lash application 

  • Pink in color but dries Clear

  • 30-70% Humidity Range

  • 65-76F

NOTE: Do not refrigerate. Use foil to clean the tip. Shake side to side or with a glue shaker.

Our 5ml adhesive has 5ml worth of adhesive in a 10ml bottle. The reason is due to shipping & to make sure all ingredients can be shaken properly.

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