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Lash Training

Experts in all things lashes.

Most lash training classes are offered as a one day or if you’re lucky a two-day lash course. Those feeble 1-day courses will only train you on classic sets. Our eyelash extension course consists of five full days of comprehensive product knowledge with hands-on training in all sets including learning how to make a handmade fan for mixed and volume sets.

Are you looking to launch your lash career with the best lash education in the industry!? LivBay Lash offers 5-day or 3-day eyelash extension classes to teach you everything there is to know about doing professional eyelash extensions. By providing the longest lash course in the industry we are able to show you multiple application technique, the best client retention practices, and tons of industry secrets we developed at our four salons with hundereds of lash artists!

Providing in-depth industry knowledge with the longest lash class in the industry.

Taught by professional lash artists who take clients daily.

Highest quality lash products in the industry to ensure the best results.

Additional discounts off future purchases to help launch your lash career!

Includes hundreds of dollars of lash supplies, extra goodies, and post-support through ongoing-mentorship!


- 6 x Lash trays ($99)
- 3 x Eyepads ($5)
- Lip Wands ($6)
- Mascara Wands ($11)
- Isolation Tweezers ($22)
- Placement Tweezers ($22)
- Glue Rings ($10)
- Training Mannequin ($13)
- Training Manual ($200)

Over $388 in LivBay Lash Products
+ Life Time Mentorship
+ 15% Discount Off Future Order
+ Goodie Bag

I personally have designed our Lash Education based on the negative experience I had and also my personal view on what this industry is lacking.

Our 5 day course is extremely hands on and doesn’t just focus on application. As a Lash artist there is so much more than just applying lash extensions. Our course will teach you consultation, diameters, lengths, humidity, lash tools, sanitation, marketing, photo editing and so much more. Not only are we teaching you Classic, Mixed, Volume & Mega we also keep it going after the class with our mentor ship program.

Let’s be completely honest, with 5 full days of our class you won’t be able to obtain all 100% of the great info so you’ll have the ability to reach out with any questions even afterwards. We take pride in all we put into our class and genuinely choose the best team to coach you and teach you.


Should I take the five day or three day class?

The five day class covers classics through mega volume. The three day class covers volume and mega volume. Or contact us and we can help you find the best option for you!

What else will I learn?

Our class doesn’t only cover lash application. We focus heavily on theory; anatomy, health and safety, salon set up, basic shaping and styling techniques, social media marketing, photo editing and more.

Do I practice on live models?

Yes, you will practice with other students in class depending on province regulation.

What does "Kit Upgrade" mean?

All of our classes include the Basic Babe kit, with enough supplies to get you started. We also provide all supplies in class throughout the week, so that you leave with a fully stocked kit. If you want more products or a mobile case for travel, you can upgrade to these two other options.

What kit is right for me?

It depends how you plan on starting your lash career! Contact us to see which best fits your needs.

What should I bring to class?

We encourage note taking during theory, so a notebook and pen or laptop/tablet are recommended but not required. Please bring your cosmetology or esthetician license as well.

Can we eat during lunch?

Eating during class is not allowed. We have an hour break each day for lunch.

Is lunch provided?

Lunch is not provided.

Do I receive a certificate?

Yes. However, this is not in lieu of a license, so please check your local requirements and regulations.

Are masks required?

We follow local mandates in regards to masks, so please check regulations in your state. Masks are available upon request.

What do I wear?

Feel free to wear anything you’d like! With your permission, we post a lot of content on our social media platforms. Anything that you are comfortable in will work! Please bring something to pull your hair back with when lashing (clip, hair tie, etc.) On the last day of class, trainers wear their favorite LivBay Lash apparel and we encourage students to join in with them.

What People are Saying

I took the Virtual Volume course in February with Red. I am so happy I did! The technique he demonstrated and taught us was just what I needed to help build my confidence in creating fans. He was such a pleasant and humble guy and to meet Shauna and Mike was just amazing! I've been watching them for years and it finally actually to speak with them and kinda pick their brains was major for me! Overall, this volume class was superb and the best I could've ever taken. Creating fans aren't so "hard" for me anymore!

Arnisha - Shreveport, LA

What People are Saying

I took the LivBay October VR Class. I have taken several lash classes prior, but none were as informative as the LivBay Lash Class. The virtual type was set up so well tht I felt as if I was right there in the room with Ciara and Red. All the equipment and supplies for the class arrived on time with easy-to-follow instructions, and their IT team was ready to handle any problems that may arise! I learned so much, not to mention the small details that play such an essential factor in successful lashing. Ciara and Red were patient from the beginning to end, making for a very relaxed and fun experience. They answered all the question and worked with the class members until we were confident before moving on to another module. My lashing skills have improved tremendously after taking the class. Not only is it worth the price, but the mentorship continues after the course. Taking this class was one of the best decisions I made since starting my lash career. I gained friendships, confidence and the knowledge necessary to double my clientele!

Joan - Athens, GA

What People are Saying

I trained with LivBay in February 2020. I have since opened a 1300 sqft studio in the heart of Miami with an open space in the front of the studio to take lash appoints, a classroom for in-person trainings and storage office for our brand of lash products sold on our website. I have also expanded my reach by now providing virtual classes on technique as well as business trainings. My lash artists are among the top in our area by providing top quality lash sets and excellent customer service. I'm extremely grateful for LivBay as they were a big part of my foundation which helped take my business to the next level.

Kat - Miami, FL

What People are Saying

I took the 5 day class in Austin with Ciara and Raechel. This class did not disappoint, I had very minimal lash experience but after taking this class I felt ready to take clients and start my lash business. They guided us through lashing as well as social media marketing. They even taught us what angles to use when taking pictures for your page! I learned so much in this class and till this day, I still use EVERYTHING I learned! They had so much patience with us when we were learning to fan! I recommend this class to all my friends that are looking into starting their lash journey!

Sam - Dallas, TX