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$25 Lash Class!

That's right the world renown LivBay Lash Class is 97% OFF!

*You must provide your own lash supplies for this class or pick up a Classic Kit at checkout!

One Day Training

Learn About Classic Lashes

Mentor for Life

We're here for you 24/7

Start Making Money

On Your Lash Journey


This specially priced class offers a crash course on only Classic Lashes. In just one day over four hours, you will learn lash theory, application techniques, and consultation steps to launch a lash business! You must provide your own lash supplies for this class or pick a Classic Kit at checkout!

July 18th, 2022 on Zoom


10am-2pm PST

What You Need

Internet Connection
Standard Lash Supplies

Still Have Questions?

Contact a Class Coordinator

I personally have designed our Lash Education based on the negative experience I had and also my personal view on what this industry is lacking.

After hosting live online courses for over two years, we have perfected our online training to give you a crash course in Classic Lashes and launch your lash career. But let’s be completely honest, with one full day of our class you won’t be able to obtain all 100% of the great info so you will be paired with a Lash Mentor for life and have the ability to reach out with any questions even afterwards.

We take pride in all we put into our class and genuinely choose the best team to coach you and teach you. So what are you waiting for, reserve your spot today!

What kit should I get?

This class is B.Y.O.K. (Bring Your Own Kit!) So you'll need the following items to ensure you are ready for your training.

  • 3ml Mini White second glue
  • Classic Placement Tweezer
  • Isolation Tweezer
  • Lash Print Mask
  • Eye pads
  • Mascara Wands
  • Practice Mannequin Head
  • Blue Tape
  • 2 Tray 0.18 C Mixed Classic

Don't have all these supplies? Would you like to pick up a premade Classic Mini Kit which includes all these items plus more? Pick up yours today!


What I Needed

This class did not disappoint, I had very minimal lash experience but after taking this class I felt ready to take clients and start my lash business.

- Sam, Texas


I've been watching them for years and it finally actually to speak with them and kinda pick their brains was major for me!

- Arnisha, Lousiana

Love them

I'm extremely grateful for LivBay as they were a big part of my foundation which helped take my business to the next level.

- Kat, Florida

Please note this class is non-refundable, for more information on the refund policy click here.